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Geneerco Institutional Particleboard Core Doors

particleboard diagramSpecifications

All flush veneered Particleboard doors shall be GENEERCO Institutional Particleboard Core Solid Core doors as manufactured by General Veneer Manufacturing Co.

Face Veneers: Face veneers shall be standard thickness, thoroughly dried, and of the species, cut and grade specified. Faces shall be book matched unless otherwise specified (paint grade excepted), and properly sanded. GENEERCO doors are also available with Medium Density Overlay faces or with High Pressure Laminate faces and vertical edges.

Crossbands: Crossbands shall be thoroughly dried, with a minimum thickness of 1/16”, extending the full width of the door, with the grain at right angles to the face veneer.

Core: Unless otherwise specified, the core material shall be Type I, Density C, Class 1 Particleboard or equivalent in accordance with the latest edition of Commercial Standard CS 236 “Mat-Formed Wood Particleboard.” The core shall be grooved to receive the edgebands.

Edgebands: The 1 1/4” vertical edgebands shall consist of the exposed stile, which shall be of the same or similar species as the face veneer, glued to the hardwood backing strip, which is tongued and bonded to the grooved particleboard core. Each exposed stile may contain one fingerjoint unless otherwise specified. The 1 1/4” end rails shall be of softwood unless specified to be of hardwood and are also tongued and bonded to the grooved particleboard core.

Adhesive: Face veneers and crossbands shall be bonded to the core with a Type 1 resin in a hot-platen press.

Note: Underwriters Laboratories labels (20 or 30 Minute) are available on these doors up to 48” x 108”, with standard wood faces, medium density overlay, 1/8” hardboard, or 1/16” High Pressure Laminate faces. Light openings up to 30” x 36” available in 20-minute doors with wood faces only.

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