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A 6’0” x 9’0” Geneerco special. General Veneer can press doors and panels in sizes as large as 17’0”.

We’ll do what the others won’t...or can’t.

One of the last handmade door shops surviving in the Los Angeles area, possibly the whole U.S., General Veneer Manufacturing Co. still makes doors the old-fashioned way. Sweat and sawdust and wood shavings go into every door we deliver, and we can tell you the names of the craftsmen who worked on each door—guys with names like Wade and Salvador and Eddie, not foreign machines with brand names you can’t pronounce.

We have been making doors, plywood and fine wood paneling this way since 1931, and our customers have included everyone from the Shah of Iran to the Air Force Academy in Colorado to local courthouses, concert halls, churches, office buildings, schools and libraries. Geneerco flush doors and richly burnished panels add luster to some of the finest homes on the West Coast.

Over the years, General Veneer Manufacturing Co. has tapped timber resources from every corner of the world for special jobs. Whether you need red eucalyptus, white oak or blue spruce, we can find it for you and use it for A-grade facing.

No door too large.

We can build almost any size architectural door or panel you can imagine. For the masters in our shop, a door 10 feet high with a 7-foot transom, six feet wide with bookmatched veneer from top to bottom is only a start. To go with it, we want to make you a series of matching architectural panels 17 feet tall and six feet wide—same veneer, same log, same bookmatch sequence. Nothing can equal the warmth of natural wood finishes, and our doormakers, working by hand, will select only the choicest veneers to craft into the facing for your order. Small or large, we can bring out the beauty of whatever species you prefer.

So when the golden fingers of a Pacific sunset shine through your windows, let them play across rich wood finishes. Watch the light reflect in the eyes of those who use your rooms—whether a banquet hall or the living room of a mountain cabin—and take comfort in the satisfying feeling of knowing that you’ve given them the best there is: real wood finishes made by real American craftsmen.

No order too small.

At General Veneer Manufacturing Co., we understand that you might not be buying doors for a whole subdevelopment at once. It doesn’t get in the way of our assembly line to make a single custom door for a single customer. Naturally, we’d love to sell you a thousand doors at a time. But we don’t mind small orders. We’re not in the business of selling you something you don’t need. And we figure when a customer sees the quality we deliver, that customer will keep coming back.

So order your doors one at a time, as you need them, or order them in droves. Either way, we’ll craft each one with individual attention, and see to it that the finished product is one that will deliver satisfaction for years.

For 70 years, General Veneer has extended architects’ vision, with handcrafted doors and panels bigger and more beautiful than any other door shop in North America can offer.

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