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Geneerco Fire Doors, B and C Label

fire door diagramSpecifications

All flush veneered Fire doors shall be GENEERCO Fire Doors as manufactured by General Veneer Manufacturing Co.

Face Veneers: Face veneers shall be standard thickness, thoroughly dried, and of the species, cut and grade specified. Faces shall be book matched unless otherwise specified (paint grade excepted), and properly sanded. GENEERCO Fire Doors are also available with Medium Density Overlay faces or with High Pressure Laminate faces and vertical edges.

Crossbands: Mill option in accordance with Underwriters Laboratories procedures.

Core: The core material shall be an incombustible mineral composition. The core assembly shall be machined with tongue-and-groove construction and glued together in accordance with Underwriters Laboratories procedures. The core shall be smoothly surfaced prior to application of crossbands and face veneers.

Edgebands: The stiles and rails shall be Birch or Maple lumber that has been fire retardant treated per Underwriters Laboratories procedure. The vertical stiles and top rail of 3/4 Hour and 1 Hour doors up to 4’0” x 7’0” will be nominal 3/4” thickness, and the bottom rail a nominal 1 1/2” thickness. The treated lumber on 3/4 Hour and 1 Hour doors over 7’0” shall have a nominal thickness of 3/8” for the stiles and top rail, and a 1 1/2” bottom rail. A dense mineral material 3/4” thick is fabricated under the stiles and top rail. All 1 1/2 Hour doors up to 7’0” shall have this same edge banding construction; 1 1/2 Hour doors over 7’0” (to 10’0”) shall have a bottom rail of 3/4” treated wood and 3/4” dense mineral material. In the 3/4 Hour Door/Transom unit, the top rail of the door and the four edges of the transom are also of the dense mineral material.

Adhesive: Face veneers and crossbands shall be bonded to the core with a Type 1 resin in a hot-platen press.

UL labelSIZE INFORMATION: GENEERCO Fire Doors are available for Class B or C openings up to 4’0” x 10’0” with 3/4 Hour, 1 Hour, or 1 1/2 Hour Underwriters Laboratories labels, with most domestic or exotic species of wood faces, or with medium density overlay. Labeled doors with high-pressure laminate faces and edges are limited to a maximum of 4’0” x 8’0”. Also, a 3/4 Hour Door/Transom Unit for openings up to 3’0” x 10’0”, with a beveled rabbet at the meeting ends, is available with maximum door height 8’0”, and maximum transom height 3’0”. Pairs of wood-faced 1 1/2 Hour doors may be furnished for openings up to 8’0” x 8’0” on special order. Light openings are available in all B and C Label Fire Doors.

Note: For 20 Minute or 30 Minute UL labeled doors, see GENEERCO Institutional Particleboard Core and Lumber Core Doors.

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