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Geneerco Custom Products

When the “Top of the Line” is required for a high-quality blueprint matched-wood paneling installation, GENEERCO is the acknowledged leader in the field. Our skilled craftsmen have developed the veneer-handling abilities required to produce just the desired effect from the many changing facets and highlights inherent in natural wood veneers.

We fabricate matched paneling with our standard veneer core, particleboard core, or lumber core. If Flame Spread requirements are to be met, we can provide the matched wall panels with Underwriters Laboratories labels.

Geneerco Architectural Plywood

wood clampAt General Veneer Manufacturing Co., the fabrication of Architectural matched plywood may begin with the customer or architect selecting the actual logs to be used to accomplish exactly the desired combination of grain characteristics and color effects. A large variety of exotic and domestic sliced veneer logs are kept available for inspection, as well as a display room in which many of the commonly used veneer species are actually finished and installed on the walls, for ease of visualizing the total effect of the finished product. Many of the most beautiful and prestigious architectural matched installations on the West Coast were manufactured by GENEERCO.

Geneerco Lead-Lined Doors and Panels

Geneerco lead-lined doors and panels are manufactured to meet requirements of x-ray shielding. They contain an unbroken layer of lead (thickness per specification) from edge to edge. Years of experience by leading hospitals and x-ray laboratories indicate the superiority of Geneerco lead-lined doors. Doors and panels can be manufactured from the same veneer flitch for architectural matching purposes. Face veneers shall be standard thickness in the species specified.

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