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General Veneer Manufacturing Co. has been supplying lightweight materials and products to the aircraft and aerospace industry for over 50 years, supplying panels to aircraft specification since the beginning of World War II and to space specifications since the 1960s. As the major American airframe manufacturers developed wide-body commercial airplanes, new materials were required to meet their specific needs. General Veneer Manufacturing Co. was among the first to use these new materials in production and has continued to develop new configurations ever since.

Starting in 1950, General Veneer Manufacturing Co. began manufacturing aluminum honeycomb panels, and we incorporated changes as they were being developed. Prior to aluminum honeycomb, we manufactured aircraft plywood and balsa core panels that are still being manufactured and used today.

Materials currently being used in Geneerco aircraft panels



End-Grain Balsa
Nomex™ Honeycomb
Aluminum Honeycomb
Polyvinyl Chloride Foam
Carbon Fiber Laminates*
Fiberglass Laminates*
Decorative Laminates
Wood Veneer
*Phenolic and epoxy resin systems available. Other materials available on request.

These products are being used as original equipment by aircraft manufacturers as well as replacements for many airlines. General Veneer Manufacturing Co. also manufactures many specialty items per individual customer requirements. We are approved to most flooring material specifications with all the prime contractors and feel certain that we can provide you with panels to meet your specific needs.

Research and development testing on fatigue properties indicates a long service life can be expected. Geneerco composite structures are suitable for many applications. Whether used for flooring, bulkheads, galleys, lavatories, space dividers or any other purpose, for installations that require quality products at a competitive in-place cost, Geneerco composite structures excel.

Geneerco composite structures have also been used for many applications in outer space since the 1960s. We manufactured parts that landed on the Moon with the Apollo program, and we continue to make parts for satellite and space station use today. We are fully equipped to make products using the specialized materials and exacting standards required for space applications.

Our minimum order quantity is one (1) part.

Please extend to us the opportunity to discuss your specific requirements, as we are certain we can provide you with an excellent product at a competitive price.

For more specific information on many of our products currently in production, please use the links below. Keep in mind that we are always happy to discuss alternate configurations with our customers.

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