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Below are specification sheets for several General Veneer Manufacturing Co. product categories. Each category has a summary sheet giving an overview of available variations; in many cases individual types currently being produced within a category have their own sheets offering further specific details. Custom configurations are also available for specific applications.

The product bulletins listed below are all in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). If they don’t appear correctly in your browser, please download Adobe’s Acrobat Reader to view them.

GH-40 Geneerco Thinlam Sandwich Structures

Geneerco Thinlam was developed to provide a thin aluminum sheet at one-half the weight of a solid aluminum sheet with a stiffness ratio of 5:1 over the same weight solid sheet. Other faces such as titanium and stainless steel can be made available for Geneerco Thinlam sandwich structures.

Geneerco Phenoglass Laminated Sheets

Geneerco Phenoglass are laminated sheets composed of layers of phenolic impregnated glass fabric. Phenoglass laminates have been used for the manufacture of structural aircraft parts as standalone components or as a facing material for sandwich structures.

General Veneer Manufacturing Co. is an approved supplier and is listed on the qualified products list for both DMS1558 and DMS1556.

Geneerco #3, Aluminum Honeycomb Sandwich Structures

Aluminum honeycomb core is still one of the most widely used floor panels. In addition to floor panels, this core is used extensively throughout the aircraft industry. Many combinations of core densities enable the designer to specify panels to meet every requirement.

Geneerco Panel #3 is an aluminum honeycomb core bonded sandwich panel, offering light weight, high performance, flame retardancy and cost effectiveness in one bonded sandwich panel with facings of thin gauge aluminum or fiberglass (Types 41, 42, 44 and 56).

Type 14C
Type 17
Type 22
Type 25
Type 26
Type 28C
Type 31
Type 36
Types 41, 42 and 44
Type 46
Type 56
Type 59C
Type 62C (offering improved corrosion resistance)
Geneerco #4, End Grain Balsa Sandwich Structures

Balsa wood, one of the oldest core materials, is again being used in sandwich structures. Because of its high impact resistance and high compressive properties, End Grain Balsa core panels have exhibited good resistance to heel damage and provide long service life. End Grain Balsa floor panels are still widely used by most airlines and airframe manufacturers. A large stock of balsa wood is available in all densities from General Veneer Manufacturing Co.

Type 1B (BMS 4-10 Type I, Grade B)
Type 1C (BMS 4-10 Type I, Grade C)
Type 2B (BMS 4-10 Type I, Grade A)
Type 4C (DAC S4929905)
Type 10C (DAC S4929905 except Special Thickness)
Type 26
Geneerco #5, Polyvinyl Chloride Foam Sandwich Structures

The polyvinyl chloride foam panel was developed to reduce the flexibility of existing flooring and yet provide a floor flexible enough to withstand heel damage. General Veneer Manufacturing Co., because of our experience in bonding floorboards, was invited to participate in its development. This composite structure is now being used throughout the world.

Geneerco #6, Nomex™ Honeycomb Sandwich Structures

Flooring materials were one of the major areas of concern to airframe manufacturers with the advent of the wide body commercial airplane, and Nomex™ Honeycomb was developed for this application. Nomex™ core possesses excellent high impact strength and performs superbly on the food cart roller test. With the new advanced composites being developed, it was natural to combine this lightweight core material with a variety of facing materials. (Nomex is a registered trademark of DuPont.)

Geneerco #6 series is a non-metallic core bonded sandwich panel. This panel offers light weight, high performance, corrosion resistance, flame retardancy and cost effectiveness in one bonded sandwich panel with reinforced polymer or metallic faces. These qualities make it suitable for use in a wide range of applications such as floors, bulkheads, dividers, galley structures and lavatories.

Types 8A, 9A and 17A (BMS 4-17 Types I, II and VII; DAC BZZ7002 Types I and II)
Type 10A (BMS 4-17 Type III)
Type 11 (DAC Drawing S3933942 Types A and B)
Types 13, 14 and 15 (LAC C-28-1386, Types III, I and II)
Type 20 (BAC DWG, 69B15779 Type V)
Type 22 (DAC Drawing S3933941 Code C, Types A and B)
Type 24 (aluminum overlay)
Types 32, 33 and 34 (BMS 4-20 Types II, III and IV)
Type 55
Type 65
Type 66
Types 71 and 72 (DAC7954400, Types 1 and 2)
Geneerco #8, Type 1 Sandwich Structures (non-metallic acoustic core)

Geneerco #8, Type 1 series is a non-metallic acoustic core bonded sandwich panel. This panel offers excellent acoustic absorption properties, light weight, high performance, high resistance to heat transfer, corrosion resistance, flame retardancy and cost effectiveness in one bonded sandwich panel with fiberglass faces.

This sandwich structure has been specifically developed for usein aircraft cabin interiors such as ceilings, partitions, overhead storage and utility racks. This sandwich structure works well in similar applications which require sound absorption, light weight and structural rigidity. Due to its excellent environmental resistance, Geneerco #8, Type 1, is particularly well suited to marine and other corrosive surroundings as well.

Geneerco Gridply No. 4

Geneerco Gridply No. 4 was developed to provide a flooring for use in construction and/or during maintenance procedures. The material consists of thin phenolic impregnated paper facings structurally bonded to a Douglas Fir exterior grade plywood core. Panel surfaces shall be embossed with a grid pattern on both sides.

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